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Many women are hesitant to strength train, as they think they will become big, or bulky.  As women, we do not have enough testosterone to become extremely muscular naturally.  It is essential that all women strength train.  It helps to prevent osteoporosis, and weight gain, and is the ONLY way to speed up your metabolism! Adding long lean muscle will help you look more defined and "tight", and even create a smaller waist.

Voted "Best Peraonal Trainer in Fort Worth" by Thumbtack, Glow Personal Training is training designed for women.  It is my goal to educate women on wellness and their bodies. I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Specialist as well as Aerial Pilates Instructor.

I use multiple modalities to achieve optimal results and keep every workout fresh and new.  In our sessions we will use anything from free weights to TRX to Sandbags- the list goes on and on.  No workout will be the same!

During our sessions together I will explain why each exercise is important and the muscle groups it is working.  It is important to me that you leave each workout feeling more educated and confident in your body and how amazing it really is!

Strength Training

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