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Individual Personal Training

One on one 50 minute sessions that incorporate strength, flexibility, agility,  endurance,  balance, mobility using multiple modalities including free weights, resistance bands, TRX, sand bags, medicine balls, BOSU ball, swiss ball, sand bags, and more. Each session is designed with your specific goals, fitness level, and limitations in mind.  I will also customize a cardiovascular program for your specific goals and abilities.

Partner Training

Partner training is two participants and one trainer.  Depending on each individuals fitness level, I will create programs where you work together to meet your goals.  This is a great way to stay motivated and even more accountable.  The sessions are 50 minutes and use the same modalities as the  personal training sessions.  I will also customize a cardiovascular program for each of you to do on your own.

Aerial Pilates

I am the only  Aerial Pilates instructor currently in the state of Texas.  Aerial Pilates is a hybrid of the aerial arts and Pilates using a trapeze, and aerial silks. It is an amazing full body workout and a ton of fun! Don't be intimidated!  I can adjust all sessions to suit limitations and fitness levels from beginner to advanced.